As everyone knows by now, I’m a huge fan of Twitter. I just like the platform, mostly because info sharing is the primary use I have for social media, and that’s what Twitter does best.

Having said that, the entire world is on Facebook, and while I’ve long since had a page there, I’ve really done a horrible job managing it. So, time for that to change.

In the days ahead, I’ll be spending a lot more time on FB, predominately through video.

The first initiative I have planned is a periodic segment series, called “Ian answers stuff about…” These will be short videos in which I’ll take a question that’s been put to me by fans and answer it on camera for posting to Facebook.

Possible topics may include:

  • My books, characters, or projects
  • My process for story writing
  • Upcoming events like conventions and book signings
  • Sports
  • Film and TV Reviews
  • Other random stuff to be decided later

Again, this will all be driven by fans who I hope will both enjoy the content and engage with it via the comments section.

Video one, which tackles the origins of my characters, the Renegades from The Mako Saga, is out now. You can expect video two in a week or so, with more coming once or twice per month in the days ahead.

In closing, if you don’t already follow me on FB, consider this a great time to start. You can do so by running an FB keyword search for Ian J. Malone (make sure you like the page with me in the cowboy hat, not the personal profile) or by visiting and clicking the “like” button.

Cheers as always, gang. I hope you like the new content and email/tweet/message me anytime if you’ve got topic ideas.

See y’all around Facebook!


PS – For my Twitter followers who may be freaking out right now, don’t worry. My tweets aren’t going anywhere.

Fair Warning: For the non-author readers of this blog, this post will probably bore you to tears. Just bear with me. It’s been that kind of week.

So, for grins and giggles I decided to “boost” a Facebook post, promoting my free ebook giveaway on Amazon. Granted, it was only $10, but I figured, “Gotta spend money to make money, right?” I set my budget, spent an hour going through metrics to hone my audience, then let fly with the ad when ready.

Fast-forward to this morning and according to FB’s Insights summary, I’ve reached nearly 1,500 users along with 500 engagements.


“Not so fast, my friend,” Lee Corso would’ve said.

After coming down from the engagement rate which far exceeded those of my ordinary posts, I scanned down the page to my ad’s click-through rate. This is the metric which shows how many people actually clicked the link to go download a free ebook.

Question: I know the number 2 is considered plural, but does it really qualify as “people?”

Now, let’s contrast this with Twitter (whom I paid nothing to) where I received 1 link click from a standard tweet, released at 9pm EST last evening.

Just so we’re clear, math lovers, that’s a savings of $5 to my already anorexic marketing budget. Is that a lot? No, but every little bit counts when you’re an indie.

So, Timmy. What did we learn from this little marketing experiment?

  1. Facebook Ads are still northing more than Mark Zuckerberg’s way of printing money for his shareholders.
  2. Twitter will ALWAYS be cooler than Facebook.

Here end of the rant. I’ll have some news next week on Colonies Lost (new novel, due this summer) as well as a short story I’m working on in the Four Horsemen universe from Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey (Military SF).

Cheers, y’all.




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