So, you might recall a few weeks back my saying, “Hey guys, the beta manuscript for my next book is done. Just for grins and giggles, I’m gonna shop it to see what happens.”

Well, stuff indeed happened… a lot of stuff. That brings us to today’s announcement.

I’m thrilled to announce that my next book, Colonies Lost, will be published by the wonderful folks at Red Adept Publishing.

Going Hybrid

I’ll blog more about this in the weeks to come, but suffice it to say I’m ecstatic to be turning in my indie card for that of a hybrid author (someone who publishes works both independently and traditionally). Don’t misunderstand me. I love being an indie, and all of the freedoms that come with that distinction. This deal, however, gives me the best of both worlds: top-flight editing and production services, as well as a partner to help me take my work to new audiences.

It also helps that this particular partner just so happens to be one of the top small presses in the country. Not a bad gig at all.

What this means moving forward

I know I’d promised that Colonies Lost would arrive this summer, but that’s about to change. Signing with a publisher means I’m now beholden to their schedule and as small presses go, Red Adept is extremely busy. Right now, we’re looking at an early-2018 launch for my next book.

That’s a long time to wait, I know. But trust me. In the end, this story is worth waiting for to get it right.

The other upshot to this kind of delay is that it’ll give me time to pen some more content and do some housecleaning with my existing trilogy.

*cough* new Mako story *cough*

More on that in later posts.

About Red Adept Publishing (RAP)

Based in the heart of North Carolina’s Research Triangle, RAP publishes works in a various fictional genres, ranging from romance and mystery to science fiction and fantasy.

Some of their more notable authors include:

  • New York Times bestseller Kate Moretti (mystery)
  • USATODAY bestseller Morgan C. Talbot (mystery)
  • Amazon bestseller Micheal Myerhoffer (fantasy)

For more on RAP and its authors or to purchase a book, visit them online at You can also like them on Facebook.

Gotta jet now, gang, but thanks as always for your support of my work and stay tuned here as more unfolds.

Cheers, y’all.



Hey folks, welcome to summer and another edition of the Mako Manifesto! I hope this blog finds you well and, preferably, on a beach somewhere with a mojito in one hand and a book in the other.

We can dream, can’t we? LOL

First off, I want to thank everyone who helped make the At Circle’s End launch a success — especially those who reviewed it on Amazon. To date, everyone seems to like the story a lot, and that’s a big deal for the last chapter in a series, no matter the medium. Letdowns are always possible — The Sopranos, anybody? — so I’m profoundly happy that everyone enjoyed The Renegades’ ending as much as I did.

I also can’t forget to thank ABW Voiceovers and everyone else who helped make the At Circle’s End audiobook a success. Andy Wehrlen always does a superb job on these, but he was especially on top of his game for this one. Really, really great stuff.

Next on the docket — Marshal: A Trip Hawkins Novel

I’ve already done some world-building for the next set of Mako books, one of which will follow the adventures of Danny and the Overlook crew, while another will feature a standalone story starring Link and Hamish (Think Butch and Sundance with a crap-ton of sarcasm).

Having said that — and please don’t kill me, Mako fans — but I’ve decided to table those for now in favor of something all new. It’ll be sci-fi, of course, but with a hard splash of alternate American history.

As a lot of you know, my reading tastes tend to fly all over the map, from urban fantasy to murder mysteries or thrillers to space opera. That said, next to sci-fi, one of my all-time favorite genres is still the American Western — specifically the Sackett series from Louis L’Amour. Those books are just a blast to read, and I’ve long since wondered what it would look like to take characters from that era — in this case a little earlier, e.g. New World, circa early-seventeenth century — and plug them into a modern-day science fiction setting.

Enter Trip Hawkins, a wrongfully disgraced U.S. Marshal from Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

Naturally, this story will take place on another world, but it’ll still feature characters from our Earth, seeking an escape from everyday problems.

Sound familiar?

What can I say? As a writer, I’m a sucker for a sandbox that lets me play with wicked-cool spaceships and David Lee Roth references. Only in this case, it’s more like Waylon Jennings… but I digress.

As specified above, the book is tentatively titled Marshal: A Trip Hawkins Novel and I hope to have a somewhat finalized synopsis for you soon.

Goodreads giveaway

One other housekeeping note before I go. If you or anyone you know would like a signed copy of Mako, surf on over to I’m running a four-week giveaway there through the month of June. You’ll need a Goodreads account to sign up, but from there, the process is pretty straight-forward.

Other ways to get a book signed:

Either works.

That’s gonna do it for this one, gang. Everybody take care, be safe if you’re traveling for Memorial Day, and see you back here for the next installment of the Manifesto!





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Hey guys, hope the holidays were great to you and yours, and 2016 finds you well.

Lots to get to in this one and not much time for blogging so let’s dive in.

Brown Bags & Books

In an effort to read more in 2016, I’m launching a new post series on social media called “Brown Bags & Books.” At least once a month, I’ll post up links to the books I’m reading during my lunch break at work (a favorite reading time of mine). Sometimes it’ll be sci-fi but not always. I’ve also been known to pick up a western from time to time, as well as a good urban fantasy, a crime drama, a suspense thriller… you get the idea. Any of this could make the list, so expect the unexpected.

FYI, I’m always up for recommendations so feel free to drop those in the comment section. If, on the other hand, you choose to critique one of the books I’ve read, that’s cool, too. I’d only ask that you keep it clean… HONEST, but clean.


Last week was a big deal as I finally got the content notes back from my editor for AT CIRCLE’S END (the forthcoming final book in THE MAKO SAGA). Great news… it doesn’t suck!!!

I say that only partially in gest. I didn’t think it would be bad. However as the author and someone who is totally biased toward the characters, I wanted to see them have the best possible, and while I thought I’d achieved that, I couldn’t know for sure until someone else with a neutral/professional eye had taken a gander at it.

As it happens, my editor really liked the book. That’s enormous praise coming from her because like all good editors, she’s subtle as a sledgehammer when stuff’s wrong. Do I still have tons of work to do? Sure. That’s always the case coming off a beta draft. But I don’t have much in the way of re-writes, and that’s no small thing when it comes to hitting deadlines.

Now it’s on to my line edit, due Feb. 19. After that comes proofreading then it’s off to post-production formatting.

In all, I’m on target to have AT CIRCLE’S END on shelves by the end of spring. Stay tuned before then, however, as I’ve still got the cover reveal to do and the pre-order run.

A NOTE FOR MY EMAIL LISTERS: As always, you’ll totally get the hookup first. That’s how this works.

NOTE TO THOSE NOT ON MY EMAIL LIST: You might want to join my email list. Just sayin’. 😉

Illoigocn 2016 wrap-up

Without fail, I always have a blast at Raleigh’s annual illogicon, and this year’s edition was no different.

Among the panels I got to be involved in:

  • The Economics of Indie Publishing
  • The Sporting Geek
  • The History of Sci-Fi
  • Sci-Fi in modern TV
  • NSFW: Balancing the Writing Life and the Work Life for Success

I also got to moderate my first panel, “State of the Wars: A Chronological Discussion of Star Wars through the Decades.” We had a ball, too, picking apart every aspect of the franchise from the original trilogy to the Clone Wars to the Expanded Universe, and of course, The Force Awakens.  Good times and spoilers were had by all, and I can’t wait to do it again next year once Rogue One has hit theaters.

Big thanks to Gerty and the programming staff for having me, as well as all of my fellow panelists: Chris Kennedy, Margaret McGraw, Josh Leone, Gail Z Martin, Susan Griffith, and others. Hanging out in your sandbox was a treat, and I really appreciate the opportunity to do so.

Okay, gang. That’s gonna do it for now. Take care in the New Year, stay warm wherever you are, and please don’t forget to drop my books a review on Amazon if you haven’t already (MAKO, READ SKY DAWNING). In addition to sales, those really are vital to the success of indie works — mine included.

Until next time… RUAH and GO NOLES!!!


PS – I write this on the day after the world lost Glenn Frey, legendary sing/songwriter and co-founder of The Eagles. I, like millions of others, grew up on Frey’s music. Be it Hotel California from my dad’s old vinyl collection (which I still own) or his occasional stints on Miami Vice, Frey had a huge impact on my listening tastes as a kid and still does to this day.

“Take it easy,” my friend. You will be missed

Hey guys, welcome to fall and another edition of the Mako Manifesto!

As you’ve no doubt guessed from my snazzy new website, I’ve had tons going on lately. I’m right, smack dab in the middle of wring the next MAKO book, I’ve got HonorCon coming up and, oh by the way, there’s that whole day job and family stuff to squeeze in as well. Like I said, busy, busy.

Nevertheless, it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these and I wanted to bring you up to speed on all of this and more, plus offer details on how you can win a chance to name a character in my next novel.

So, without further ado *claps hands like Mister Miyagi* let’s do this!

Work continues on MAKO 3

AT CIRCLE’S END, the direct sequel to RED SKY DAWNING and the final book in THE MAKO SAGA, is coming along nicely. I wrapped the first draft last month and am well underway with edits for draft two. This is the “flesh out” portion of my process. Whereas draft one is a rocket-ship of typing for the sole purpose of getting the story onto paper, draft two is where I go back in and flesh out the story which hadn’t yet crystalized on the first pass.

In total candor, I did try my hand at an outline for this one, but it just didn’t stick. I heard it said once that there are two types of writers: architects and gardeners. I guess I’m somewhere in between. I love the structure of an outline and the time it saves with editing. But when my brain takes off—writers, you know exactly what I’m talking about—I can’t not drop the reins and let the horse run. In my experience, those are the moments when the story and the characters come to life, and to handcuff that with an ironclad outline just feels wrong.

Full disclosure: That happened a lot in this book, particularly toward the end, and I think it made for some really special stuff that fans of this series will truly enjoy.

Right now, my plan is to have AT CIECLE’S END ready for submission to my editor by Christmas, which puts it on track for a Spring 2016 release.

Help me name a character!

Ever wanted to name a character in a book? Now’s your chance! All you have to do is sign up for the IJM mailing list via the form on this page and you’re in! The winner will be drawn on December 11 and notified via email, at which time he or she can name a hero or a villain in AT CIRCLE’S END.

Results will be announced on social media.

(If you’re already on my mailing list, you’re already in the drawing.)

Halloween at HonorCon

Lastly, for those of you running around the Triangle this Halloween, be sure to stop by the Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown (3415 Wake Forest Road). See, there’s this guy named David Weber… he writes stuff… and that’s where he’ll be holding his second annual military science fiction convention. Activities start on Friday, Oct. 31, and run through Sunday afternoon, Nov. 1.

Jokes aside, I can’t tell you what a treat it is for me to be returning to this event. I had a ball there last year, and the staff was incredible to work with.

This year, I’ll be expanding my role at HonorCon by serving alongside my good friend and colleague, Chris Kennedy, as a panelist on the following sessions:

  • Genre Blending: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and More
  • Alien Worlds and Races
  • The Economics of Self-Publishing

Please Note: I’ll also have an Author Table set up on site, so feel free to stop in and say hello.

For more information on HonorCon, including program schedules, guest lists, registration information, and more, please visit the convention online at

Okay gang, that’s gonna do it for now. As always, drop me a line via email if you have any questions. Also, please don’t forget to show your support for my series by posting a review for MAKO or RED SKY DAWNING. Those are always much appreciated.

Ruah, and see you at HonorCon!


Greetings, one and all, to the official re-launch of The Mako Manifesto.  We’ve waited a while for this one, have we not?
Well, it’s finally here… the story that took me three and a half years to finish…
***deep pensive sigh*** Yeah, that was a thing!
So, now that the cat named “Mako” is officially out of the bag, I realize some folks have questions, be it about me, or the series, or where both go from here.  Thus, in the days, weeks, and months ahead, I’ll use a good chunk of the space here to keep people abreast of all things Renegades — with the occasional rant about sports, music, movies, food, and books, of course!  😉  
The little story with a mighty kick
Before I go any further, I have to give a MAJORshout-out to anyone and everyone who has sprung for a copy of Mako so far.  To say that the book’s success has exceeded my expectations is… well, quite possible the greatest understatement of my life, and that’s all because of YOU!
Every writer hopes their work finds an audience when it hits the market — and I was no different — but a top-five ranking on Kindle’s military sci-fi best seller’s list?  Seriously?
Listen, it goes without saying that I love this story, for more reasons than could ever be summed up on a blog post.  I wrote Makoat a time in my life when not much was going right.  I was unemployed, my career was in the toilet, and to be blunt — I was miserable.  I needed an escape, plain and simple, and this quirky little story became that escape.  Had it never sold a copy, I’d have forever been grateful to it for that.
Now, however, I have something else to be grateful for… you guys, the ones who quite literally made Mako“fly.”
Soooooo… now what?
Trying to stay as spoiler-free as possible, I think most would agree that it’d be pretty frickin’ cruel of me to leave things the way that I did in Book 1 without having a plan for what comes next, right?  (That, and the whole “Book 1” thing is kind of a giveaway, but I digress.)
So is there more?
***flashes wry smile*** Oh yeah, there’s more.
While Mako was originally environed as a one-off piece about Lee Summerston and his friends, it picked up steam during the drafting process and continued to grow… and grow, and grow, and grow some more, until finally I had the mythological makings of, what else?  A trilogy!!!
Right now, I’m staying pretty busy with the press push for Mako, but in the weeks to come, I’ll head back to my desk — coffee cup and sunflower seeds in-hand — to begin work on Book 2 in the series… a story which, at present,  is tentatively being called Stormfront.  (I’ll let you draw your own conclusions as to which character steps up in this one!)
The clock is ticking
Will this book take three friggin’ years, you ask?  No, not at all. 
Bear in mind, from the day I began Mako to the time it hit Amazon, I changed jobs twice (sadly, fiction writing is not all I do for a living), moved three times in two states, got married, became a parent, learned to write for sighted readers (I’m legally blind, so I live on audio), plus there was also the matter of finding beta readers, editors, ebook producers, etc.  Now that all of that is done and in place, the rest of the series should come relatively unimpeded.  So stay tuned…
Okay gang, that’s gonna do it for this installment of the Manifesto.  This chicken isn’t gonna cook itself for dinner, and I’ve got a new spice rub I’ve been itching to test out; so let me jet.  Everyone take care, have a great weekend, and I’ll see you around Twitter!!!